New Jersey Massage Therapy FAQ

What is New Jersey Massage Parlor dot com? is forming into a comprehensive resource for massage in new jersey. Our site is delayed, but in the mean time we present a list of massage resources so you are not delayed in your massage endeavors.

What does it cost to be listed here?

We do not charge for inclusion in our directory. If you are a good resource on massage in New Jersey, you will be recommended for inclusion at some point.

How do I get listed if I am not currently listed?

Our listings came from user submissions during our startup phase, and are currently closed. We have dissmissed our editors and submitters, after thanking them for their dedication to listing so many New Jersey massage web sites. Since our new web site will have a comprehensive, searchable catalog, our new site will have functions for inclusion and editing of listings.

How to I update my listing? How do I get removed?

We cannot remove you or edit your NJ Massage directory listing automatically at this time, until our web site is finished. However, if you require a change to a listing (including removals and updates) we can accommodate your requests but will have to charge a maintenance fee to cover the costs of manually updating the site. Web developers cost $150 per hour and we will not charge any profit on whatever it costs to make your specific changes. Please inquire via the email address provided in our domain registration records.

Why do you include Massage Parlros with Massage Therapy and Day Spas?

We don't make any distinctions between massage businesses, but try and categorize listings the way they are self-described or described by other websites, news stories, or submitter comments. In many cultures words have different meanings, and we cannot assume responsibility for each visitor's own cultural leanings.

Can I purchase a back link to my own massage website?

We do not sell links, and we do not purchase links.

Why do some sites have links, and others do not?

If the submitter included a properly-formatted HTML link at the time of submission, we included it here. If the link was not properly formatted for valid HTML, it may have been automatically reformatted by our algorithms as part of web security. When our new site is online, it will include a facility for including links to web sites when appropriate.

How can I promote my Massage Business?

The best way we can suggest is that you link to this massage directory, to bring more traffic to your listings. If you have a web site, put up a link to the New Jersey Massage Directory and search engines will recognize that you are a massage web resource in New Jersey.

Where else can I get information?

We will include additional important web resources as time allows, and within our new website.